Erdvinių objektų gamybos aparatas Flashforge Guider 2S

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Prekės kodas: 31-725711

Gamintojo kodas: FF-3DP-1NG2S-01

Gamintojas: Flashforge

Garantija: 12 mėnesiai

Likutis:  2

Prekes galime išsiųsti: 2021-10-25

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Gross depth (mm) 670.00
Gross height (mm) 700.00
Gross weight 39.68
Gross width (mm) 630.00
Net weight 38.68
Packing quantity 1.00
WEE classification CL109:4:2017-04-01
Paper/Pasteboard 800.00
Plastic (No PET) 200.00
Tare weight (kg) 1.00
Volume (m3) 0.30
Embeeded battery No
WEEE tax Yes
Warranty 12
Other features 3D printer with single nozzle for use with ABS/PLA/PVA filament; Very large build size; 3.5-inch touch screen panel; Print preview function (gx format); 16-language package for multilingual operation; Strong 6.5 mm non-deforming alloy printing platform (
Producer product name Guider 2S
Producer product family 3D Printer
Layer thickness (min) 0.05
Layer thickness (max) 0.4
Printing material ABS/PLA/PVA spool, 1.75mm
Maximum print size 280 x 250 x 300
Maximum print platform temperature 115
Maximum extruder tip temperature 240
Software type Slicing software: Flashprint

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