LG 98UH5E-5B 98" UHD IPS 500 NITS 24/7 SOC

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Prekės kodas: 29-783128

Gamintojo kodas: 98UH5E-B

Gamintojas: LG

Garantija: 36 mėnesiai

Likutis:  0

Pristatymo laikas:  1 - 4 darbo dienos

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Vibrant Colors and Powerful Performance Bring Content\nWith superb picture quality and cutting-edge intelligence, the UH5E series enlivens colors without the aid of peripherals. Its quality and brightness are enough to capture the attention of passersby. Moreover, its convenient advanced usability allows users to effortlessly control and manage the display.\n\nTrue Color, Immersive View\nThe UH5E series is large enough to display content and get undivided attention from various viewers. LG IPS panel features a wide range of angle to deliver clear content regardless of the position of viewers. Each pixel in the IPS panel reproduces image colors true-to-life, without distortion.\n\nVivid Color Details with Ultra HD\nThe UHD resolution allows users to view details even when zooming in on the display, with four times higher definition than FHD. The UH5E ensures stable UHD video playback with HEVC(High Efficiency Video Coding).\n\nPowerful webOS Smart Signage Platform\nEasy Content Management\nThe embedded CMS(Content Management System) allows you to create and edit content using internal/external sources as well as set playlists to play at the desired schedule without the need for a separate PC. Thanks to the intuitive GUI and a menu structure based on usage scenarios, content management has been made much easier\n\nPowerful webOS Smart Signage Platform\nSimple Group Management\nThe embedded Group Manager makes a master display work as a server and manage other displays) connected on the same network. This way you can group and control multiple displays in your place of business and distribute playlists to them all at once, using input devices such as a remote control.\n\nPowerful webOS Smart Signage Platform\nVarious Sensor Applications\nLG webOS smart signage platform easily supports connections with external sensors such as GPIO, NFC/RFID, temperature sensors, etc. via USB plug-in. The overall cost of ownership is reduced as there’s no need to purchase additional software or media players for creating value-added solutions.\n\nPowerful webOS Smart Signage Platform\nMulti Screen Mode\nPBP(Picture-By-Picture) features multi screen in a single display with upto 4 input sources while PIP(Picture-In-Picture) supports playing both main screen and sub screen at the same time with various layouts. This gives great flexibility to allocate space for each content souce.\n\nEasy Maintenance\nReal-Time Monitoring & Control\nThrough the Control Manager, the embedded web monitoring solution, you can control and monitor the status of multiple displays in different locations in realtime. It is available on internet-connected devices, allowing you to flexibly and rapidly respond to emergency situations anywhere.\n\nEasy Maintenance\nReal-time Care Service\nThe maintenance gets easier and faster with an optional service Signage 365 Care, a cloud service solution provided by LG service. It remotely manages status of displays in client workplaces for fault diagnosis and remote-control services, ensuring the stable operation of a client’s business.\n\nWireless Solution\nContent Sharing\nContent Mirroring among devices is more convenient on a Wi-Fi network.\nReal-time Promotion\nWith Beacon and BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy), shop managers can provide coupons and information in real-time.\n\nWireless Solution\nWireless Access Point\nThe UH5E series operates as a virtual router which can be an wireless access point for mobile devices.\n\nHigh Compatibility\nCompatibility with AV Control System\nThe UH5E series has been certified Crestron Connected for a higher level of compatibility with professional AV controls to achieve seamless integration and automated control), boosting business management efficiency.\n\nHigh Compatibility\nCompatibility with Video Conference System\nFor the optimum visual meeting, the UH5E has certified its compatibility with Cisco Spark Room Kits, a system that offers powerful and integrated control) for a smarter video conference, eliminating a waste of time to set up the picture quality or to change input on incoming calls.\n\nSpace-efficient Design\nSlim and Tidy in Appearance\nAlthough UH5E series is a large-sized display, the product still has a slim depth, a feature that allows easy installation by using less space. An immersive view is attained while maintaining a sleek look.\n\nSpace-efficient Design\nDetachable Logo & Built-in Speaker\nThe detachable logo allows for installation in the desired orientation in landscape or portrait mode, making it easy for the user to arrange the signage. Also, sounds can be played from built-in speakers), giving advertisements greater impact.\n\n- Brightness(Typ.) : 500 cd/m²\n- Bezel : 14.9 mm (Even, Off-Bezel)\n- Depth : 69.4 mm (without Handle)\n- Interface : HDMI(3)/DP/DVI-D/USB 2.0(2)/ RS232C/ RJ45/ Audio/ IR/ External Speaker Out
LG 98UH5E-B. Ekrano įstrižainė: 2,49 m (98"), Ekrano tipas: LED, Ekrano rezoliucija: 3840 x 2160 pikseliai. Dizainas: Digital signage flat panel, Produkto spalva: Juoda, Talpinimas palaikomas: Vidaus. Paskirtis: Retail. Energijos suvartojimas: 420 W, AC įėjimo įtampa: 100 - 240 V, AC įėjimo dažnis: 50/60 Hz. Numatyta operacinė sistema: Web OS


Ekrano įstrižainė 2,49 m (98")
Ekrano tipas LED
Ekrano rezoliucija 3840 x 2160 pikseliai
Ekrano ryškumas 500 cd/m²
HD tipas 4K Ultra HD
Lietimui jautrus ekranas Ne
HDMI portų kiekis 3
DVI-D prievadų skaičius 1
„DisplayPort“ kiekis 2
„DisplayPort“ įvestis 1
„DisplayPort“ išvestis 1
USB prievadas Taip
USB prievadų skaičius 2
USB versija 2.0
Ethernet LAN jungtis Taip
Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) portų kiekis 1
„Wi-Fi“ Taip
Garso (kairė, dešinė) įvestis 1
Garso (kairė, dešinė) išvestis 1
Išvesties jungčių garsiakalbiams kiekis 1
RS-232C Taip
Nuotolinio valdymo (IR) įvestis 1
Dizainas Digital signage flat panel
Produkto spalva Juoda
Talpinimas palaikomas Vidaus
VESA tvirtinimo pagrindas Taip
Suderinama su VESA sienos tvirtinimo sistema 800 x 400 mm
Rėmelių plotis (viršus) 1,49 cm
Rėmelių plotis (šonas) 1,49 cm
Rėmelių plotis (apačia) 1,49 cm
Veikimo charakteristikos
Paskirtis Retail
Energijos valdymas
Energijos suvartojimas 420 W
AC įėjimo įtampa 100 - 240 V
AC įėjimo dažnis 50 - 60 Hz
Kompiuterinė sistema
Kompiuterio sistema Taip
Numatyta operacinė sistema Web OS
Svoris ir matmenys
Plotis 2191,8 mm
Ilgis 69,4 mm
Aukštis 1246,8 mm
Svoris 88 kg
Pakuotės duomenys
Pakuotės plotis 2342 mm
Pakuotės gylis 402 mm
Pakuotės aukštis 1386 mm
Paketo svoris 123 kg
Pakuotės turinys
Rankinis nuotolinis valdymas Taip
Pridėti kabeliai AC, DisplayPort, IR jutiklis
Greitos pradžios vadovas Taip
Aplinkos sąlygos
Darbo temperatūros diapazonas (TT) 0 - 40 °C
Darbo santykinės drėgmės diapazonas 10 - 80%
Sertifikavimas IEC 60950-1 / EN 60950-1 / UL 60950-1 / FCC Class "A" / CE / KC

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