HPE LTO-8 30TB WORM Cust Lbl 20 Crtg

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Prekės kodas: 32-811519

Gamintojo kodas: Q2078WL

Gamintojas: HP

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HPE LTO Ultrium Storage Supplies\nBecause Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers a complete data protection portfolio for Hybrid IT, it understands the critical role of tape media reliability for long term archival storage and as a safeguard against accidental or deliberate data disruption. HPE is more than a media vendor, it is a storage technology leader: LTO Ultrium cartridges are the ultimate ‘last line of defence’ underpinning HPE’s comprehensive Hybrid IT data protection solutions. \n\nCompared to the logo test, HPE has tighter, more controlled specifications in key areas like environmental interchange and load/ unload. HPE also has stringent process controls such as regular ongoing Full Volume Life and ‘Green Tape’ Testing (GTT) tests. HPE’s brand specification is broader and deeper than those stipulated by the LTO logo test because HPE media reliability testing takes account of how media is used, not just how it is made. \n\nHPE’s storage leadership and deep heritage in tape enable metrics that actively shape LTO media R&D and manufacturing. This knowledge is used directly to improve customer experiences and provide better tape media products – for example, it’s how HPE’s Green Tape Test, the gold standard for archival reliability, first originated. Since the beginning of 2016, over 8,500 cartridges have been tested in HPE’s demanding GTT protocol. Almost 950 million meters of media have been pulled and over 55 million gigabytes of data have been written.\n\nBacked by this uncompromising media qualification process, HPE LTO Ultrium data cartridges support all HPE StoreEver and non HPE LTO Ultrium tape devices. The latest eighth generation products minimize interruption to network and SAN backup by being capable of protecting 1.30 TB/hour of data at native speeds and storing up to 12 TB native (30 TB assuming 2.5:1 compression) on one piece of media (480% greater capacity than HPE LTO-6 Ultrium tapes and 1000% greater than LTO-5).
HP Q2078WL. Juostos tipas: LTO, Numatytasis našumas: 30000 GB, Juostos amžius: 30 metai. Duomenų perdavimo sparta: 700 Mbit/ai. Juostos dydis: 1,27 cm, Juostos ilgis: 960 m, Juostos storis: 5,6 µm


Veikimo charakteristikos
Juostos tipas LTO
Numatytasis našumas 30000 GB
Juostos amžius 30 metai
Įrašų tankis 525 kbit/inch
Produkto spalva Balta
Medžiaga Metalas
Duomenų perdavimas
Duomenų perdavimo sparta 700 Mbit/ai
Svoris ir matmenys
Juostos dydis 1,27 cm
Juostos ilgis 960 m
Juostos storis 5,6 µm

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